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Oculoplasty is a sub speciality branch of Ophthalmology which deals with structures surrounding the eyeball like orbit (eye socket), eyelids, tear ducts and their reconstructive procedures. It is a highly specialised branch which is capable of giving a major boost to one’s self confidence by enhancing the features of the eyes which are said to be the windows of soul, rectifying deformities and rejuvenating one’s overall appearance and personality.

Oculoplastic surgeons imbibe the finest skills of ophthalmic microsurgery and plastic surgery as they first train as ophthalmologists and later specialise in plastic surgery making them highly skilled surgeons. They have the best knowledge about the eye and its surrounding; as eye surgeons.They are also ready to handle the most delicate of structures. This combination of skills makes the oculoplastic surgeons the best to do plastic surgery around the eye.



Lid margin malposition is a commonly encountered condition presented to the oculoplasty department. It can either be due to age, where the eyelid becomes loose or it may be caused by injury or infection which causes scarring.


Blockage of the tear drainage system often leads to troublesome watering and discharge and at times acute infection of the lacrimal sac among patients of all age groups ranging from infants (congenital) to elderly. It can be cured by probing, intubation and surgery. Blockage can be complete or partial or at any site from the lacrimal puncta to the nasolacrimal duct.


Thyroid dysfunction is a commonly encountered condition which can affect the eyes ranging from bulging of eyes and retraction of the lids leading to facial asymmetry to sight threatening complication. Both medical and surgical modalities of treatment are available for this condition by your Ophthalmic Plastic surgeon.

Oculoplasty Strabismus

  • Diplopia Screening (Hess Chart)
  • Ptosis Surgery
  • Strasbismus Surgery
  • Dacryocystitis treatment and surgery
  • DCR, DCT
  • Entropion Surgery
  • Ectropion Surgery
  • Endoscopic DCR
  • Sac Surgery

Squint Surgery